Formigine is a pleasant town of just over thirty thousand people.
It has been there since 1200 A.D.
between the fat and industrious plain in the north and the green hills in the south,
perfect for a bike ride
or a motorbike ride in the summer.
Formigine is lively, with a main square which is like all town squares
but which for us is also a bit special,
and a church, opposite the entrance to the beautiful castle.
There are people who read on the benches of the main road
and children who chase each other on the cobbles.
Formigine is welcoming and has got many services, especially for young people.
In Formigine there are beautiful parks.
There is so much green and so many houses.
Green is created by nature and is perfect like this.
The houses are created by man who can always improve himself.
Indeed, in Formigine nature rests and
man continues to work.
"A3O design laboratory" can be found here, in this small world
which is the world of many people.
If you ring our bell, people passionate about their job
will open the door
and if you need a new house or want to restore your current house,
it could be an interesting meeting.