In our design laboratory, we study homes of all types:
there are those who want a classic and elegant villa,
other people want a modern and high-tech house, others a residential building.
Some people want to renovate a country estate,
others may want a typological restoration of a historic mansion.
There are people who look for an ideal solution for their company’s warehouse
and those who need offices where it is pleasant as well as productive to work.
There are those who own land
and have no idea how to turn it into residential areas
in harmony with nature,
those who show up for simple advice,
to manage an old land registry record,
to have careful building management or
to plan and to coordinate on-site safety.
Sometimes we take care of the simplest things,
because people do not have time;
or the most complicated things,
because doing them in two is better than alone.
We do all this.
Each of our projects is the result of in-depth analysis and study,
environmental sensitivity and green awareness
with one eye on the end result,
the other on the costs and firmly keeping our hands on the handlebars ...
then there is ...
the secret ingredient!
We cannot reveal it, but each new client of ours
always comes back to us, to the design laboratory.
Sometimes even just to say hello and have a coffee,
because working is sharing time and passion
and every minute shared and well-spent
is another greeting earned.
For us, the people who come here are always special in a way.