a3o design laboratory

According to professional bodies and sector categories,
we are a technical studio specialized
in architectural and engineering design,
so many things.
On closer inspection,
we like to think of ourselves as a design laboratory,
where our passion for design
mixes with a craftsman’s eye for detail.
One of those workshops with old signs
and a product that is renewed day by day.
We design homes.
A house is a complicated thing, full of details,
construction features, calculations.

A house has a disproportionate number of components,
endless evaluations and ...
only one function, to benefit people.
During our nights spent trying to find good ideas,

we have often asked ourselves
what more can we do
for people who come to us.
For now we do not have definitive answers.
Today our aim is to design
complicated things in the simplest possible way,
because nobody likes difficult things,
people like nice things
that work well, easy to use,
from which they derive benefits,
with which we can live in harmony.
For now, this is what we do for people
who turn to us.