Roberto Onfiani e Marcello Ascari

Roberto Onfiani

"Art is the expression
of the deepest thought in the simplest way."

Albert Einstein

Born in Modena on 14th February 1970,
he lives in Formigine, is married and the father of three wonderful children,
and has always had a passion for project and design;
legend tells that planning was so ingrained in him
that his first projects date back to kindergarten!
Passionate about organic architecture and fascinated
by famous architects such as:
Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard J. Neutra, H. Alvar H. Aalto
and more recently Michael Graves,
he dedicated himself to the world of planning
as soon as he completed his studies
as a land measurer, or more prosaically as a surveyor.
This passion for design and the subsequent studies lead him
to work at the Bugatti Automobiles style centre,
where he starred as a busy designer,
in the planning of various car models,
components of industry design
and contributor to several important Italian and foreign companies.
Here he learnt the fundamental design maxim,
the expression of a form is the essence of its function.
Years passed but passions remained unchanged.
When he had the opportunity to resume architectural work,
he embarked on a new planning career:
he worked for an important engineering and architecture studio
as creator, designer, team project manager and then as an associate.
Dealing with residential and tertiary construction,
he designed buildings for apartments, villas,
schools and hotels, residential sectors, parks,
encountering every aspect of project management and developing both experience and attitude.
One day he decided to work alone,
then, more wisely, to be helped to work alone
and so, with a new business partner, he founded "AtreO design laboratory."
A project which pays more attention to man and the earth.
You can see him here, this is his face,
he plans everything that can be built in the construction industry in a simple way,
eco-friendly and cost-effective.
He plans for people, because the person always comes before the project.

Marcello Ascari

"Large companies
are often born from small opportunities."


Born in Formigine on 19th October 1978,
and there ever since,
today he lives there with his wife, two beautiful children and a dog.
His family has always been involved in the world of building design.
As a child he was restless,
so he was introduced to various studies
in order to control his excesses.
In the meantime, he spent his time
drawing satellite dishes and sports inventions
on the football pitches where he played for years,
reaching fame and recognition.
Understanding that time would be hostile
to the sporting legend that was being born,
he decided that it was time to make the most of his technical studies
and continue the family tradition, throwing himself
into work and specifically devoting himself to the topographic and cadastral field.
Throughout the years he worked for important technical studios;
as a collaborator he acquired experience, skill
and above all a strong aptitude for public relations.
Then the day came when, talking to a friend,
he had the idea of ​​creating a new project,
free from schemes and oriented towards green planning, therefore:
somewhere and at some time, they established "AtreO design laboratory."
Every day there is a new challenge, a new commitment,
there are new techniques to learn and technologies to be applied
and above all people to listen to with whom to share a path.
Lately he has been honoured with different certificates and professional credits.
He is engaged in the field as coordinator and responsible
for safety on the building site.
He likes to consider himself as the right side
of the working brain in the design laboratory:
the concrete and rational side;
someone would argue. But it doesn’t matter.
What matters is what he does for the people who come to the design lab,
they can see the face that you see here
and every time they need, they come and see him again,
even after the conclusion of the work.
Because after a project, there is always a person.